Razi Shaoib and family

‘It was like a castle for me’: Saskatoon families get new Habitat for Humanity homes


There’s a duplex in Saskatoon’s Meadowgreen neighbourhood that may look like an average home, but for the new owners it’s much more.

“It was like a castle for me,” Saida Sultana said.

Sultana, her husband, and four children moved into their new four-bedroom, two-bathroom home and it took some adjusting to all the space. They previously lived in a two-bedroom apartment.

They are new homeowners thanks to Habitat for Humanity. The family applied in 2015 and waited for word on whether they met the qualifications.

“We were offered this home and we were like really is that true,” Sultana told CTV News.

They put in 500 volunteer hours with Habitat for Humanity, which acted as a down payment.

“It’s going to be my own home and with no interest involved. Nothing, which is the best part, which is great,” she said.

Their neighbours next door are also part of the program.

“We have seen people applying and we thought we should try our luck and eventually God has granted us with our own home,” Razi Shoaib told CTV News.

Shaoib and his wife have four kids in total. Their teenagers appreciate the extra space.

“It’s a lot easier to do my homework and study and get things done,” 16-year-old Roshanay Razi, who now has her own room, said.

Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan CEO Denis Perrault said he was looking forward to more building as they continue the search for more qualifying families.

“It’s our goal to continue to build. We just wrapped a 62-unit development in Regina, and we have another celebration in Prince Albert tomorrow. We are seeing the completion of many of our projects, and we’re excited for the future,” Perrault said.

The monthly payments are tailored for each recipient family and only those who can fulfil the payments for the next 25 years or so will be considered for the program.

Since 2009, Habitat for Humanity has provided 206 homeownership units in 14 communities across Saskatchewan.

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