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West sanctions late to stop war – Zelensky addressing Bundestag


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that many sanctions against Russia came too late to stop the war. “I am addressing you after numerous meetings, statements and requests, after steps many of which were too late, after sanctions that were too few to stop the war,” he said, addressing the Bundestag on Thursday afternoon.

As reported by Censor.NET.

“After we saw how many contacts your companies have left in Russia, with the state, which is simply using you and your companies to finance the war. You are again with a wall, not a Berlin one, but a wall between freedom and captivity. When we told you that Nord Stream 2 is a weapon, it is a preparation for a large war, we heard in response that it is the economy, the economy, the economy…. It was the cement for the new wall. When we asked what Ukraine should do to become a member of NATO, to be safe, we were told that there is no such decision on the table yet,” he said.

“When we asked for preventive sanctions, such that the aggressor felt that you are a force, we saw a delay. We felt resistance. We understand that you want to continue trading with Russia. And now the trade routes between you and the state that once again brought a brutal war to Europe is barbed wire over the Wall. Over the new wall that divides Europe,” Zelensky said.

He expressed gratitude to “those who support us: ordinary Germans who sincerely help Ukrainians in your land. To journalists who do their job honestly, showing all the evil that Russia has brought to us. I am grateful to the German business that put morality and humanity above accounting. And I am grateful to the politicians who are trying to break this wall.” 

“Former actor, U.S. president once said in Berlin: ‘tear down this wall!’ And I want to say today. Chancellor Scholz! Tear down this wall. Give Germany the leadership you deserve! And what will your descendants be proud of!” Zelensky said.

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