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UFC’s Dana White Refutes Snoop Dogg About $2M ‘Illegal Bet’ on Jake Paul Fight

UFC President Dana White is refuting Snoop Dogg's claim that White made a $2 million bet on Ben Askren in Saturday's boxing match with Jake Paul.


If rapper Snoop Dogg is expecting $2 million from UFC president Dana White, he better think again.

This past Saturday after YouTube star Jake Paul TKO’d ex-UFC fighter Ben Askren in their Triller Fight Club boxing match, Snoop Dogg, who commentated the bout, immediately yelled on the broadcast about White owing him $2 million because of an alleged bet in which White took Askren to defeat Paul.

After Paul defeated Askren, Snoop Dogg was asking White “where my money at?” over the house microphone in reference to an alleged bet the two men had on the fight:

Speaking to Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports (h/t Simon Samano of MMA Junkie), White denied ever making any sort of bet.

According to White, though, it was all talk. No such bet ever took place.

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“I can tell you this: I don’t owe Snoop $2 million. I never bet … let me make it clear right here to everybody: I have never made an illegal bet, ever,” White told Yahoo! Sports on Monday night. “I did not make an illegal bet on Saturday night. I did not bet $2 million with Snoop or anybody.”

White did jokingly make reference to a $1 million bet he would put on Askren during an appearance on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson last month.

Talk of a bet originated from White during a March 10 appearance on Mike Tyson’s “Hotboxin’” podcast in which he discussed the bout and said he would bet “a million dollars” on Askren to win. A couple of days later, Snoop Dogg took that and said he’d double the amount to $2 million for Paul during an appearance on TMZ.

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Snoop Dogg caught wind of that comment, telling TMZ Sports he wanted White to put up $2 million for Askren to win.

There’s no indication that White ever took Snoop up on that offer or even made a bet on the outcome of the fight.

“Javier Mendez called me right after I did the Mike Tyson podcast – he’s the head coach at AKA – and he said these guys at Triller, they want to take that bet. ‘They want to bet you $2 million.’ I said, ‘It’s f*cking illegal,’” White said. “First of all, I’m not gonna make an illegal bet, No. 1. And No. 2, why would I bet them $1 million or $2 million when I could do it legally in Las Vegas and get 2-to-1 (odds)?”

Paul defeated Askren by TKO less than two minutes into the first round in the main event of the six-fight card from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The YouTube star has won each of his first three professional boxing fights by knockout or TKO.

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