Australian Troops

Australian Troops to Help Train Ukrainian Forces


SYDNEY — Australia has promised long-term support for Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion.

A group of up to 70 Australian Defense Force personnel will join the British-led multinational training effort known as Operation INTEFLEX in the next two months, but they will not operate inside Ukraine.

Australia also will send an additional 30 Bushmaster armored personnel vehicles to Ukrainian forces. They have an innovative V-shaped floor designed to spread the impact of explosions more effectively than a conventional flat floor.

Australia also has sent missiles and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Defense Minister Richard Marles told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. Thursday that Canberra is committed to Ukraine’s war effort.

“We are mindful that Ukraine needs to now be supported over the longer term if we are going to put Ukraine in a position where it can resolve this conflict on its own terms,” he said. “And so this tranche is very much focused on that both in terms of making sure that we are helping in a U.K.-led initiative in respect of training and also extending the line of Bushmasters that we will be providing to Ukraine.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba thanked Australia for its assistance on social media.

Ukrainian Soldiers - Australian Troops

“We will always remember Australia’s support!” he tweeted.

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This week’s Australia’s federal budget pledged more than $129 million USD to Ukraine.

Australia has imposed sanctions on hundreds of Russian politicians, including President Vladimir Putin, military commanders and businesspeople.

Since February, Australia has granted visas to almost 9,000 Ukrainian refugees.

Australia is the largest non-NATO contributor to Kyiv’s war effort.

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