Russian plane firing

Ukraine’s Armed Forces shot down Russian plane firing missiles on Chernihiv


On the night of March 16, defenders of Chernihiv shot down a Russian Su-type bomber in the sky over the city.

As reported by Censor.NET.

“The situation in the area of responsibility of the Operational Command ‘North’ remains under control as of the morning of March 16. At night, air defence specialists downed an enemy Su-type plane, which was throwing missiles on Chernihiv. The ‘bird’ fell,” the Operational Command “North” posted on Facebook.

The defenders also successfully repulsed an attack by Russian troops, who were trying to enter the Novoselivka area under cover of armoured vehicles. Enemy losses are being clarified. 

As reported, on March 15, Chernihiv defenders destroyed five Grad multiple rocket launcher systems together with crews of Russian invaders with artillery fire.

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